Shop Update!

Tilly, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Well it has been forever and an age since I updated my etsy shop but I have just added 3 characters to my listings. Although they are not ‘new’ as in just made they are very special and unique! You can see their stories and details here , here and here and my etsy shop here.

Now I am off to sew more character dolls as I have a long list of things to make!

PS – I am soon to be exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair (which I am so excited about and ever so nervous!) – but whilst making my detailed list of things to do I thought it might be quite an interesting thing to blog about – the trials and tribulations of preparing for my very first trade fair – what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Shop Update!

  1. i think this sounds a great idea, and would be really useful to anyone thinking of maybe doing bctf next year!!! You have been busy my dear, hope all is well with you x

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