Eve – embroidery detail

Eve – embroidery detail, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I do love creating the detailed embroidery on my characters. I do not make life easy for myself as it the last thing I do before the arms are hand sewn on. The haracter is machine sewn, stuffed and then the head is hand sewn on to create the pose and there is where the personality begins to emerge. Each character really creates herself with each step revealing more . The face is then hand-painted and then the dress/cloak with either one colour or a few layers of colour before being aged with an antique stain to get that muted and uneven look that is so characteristic of my work. Then comes the final illustrating or hand embroidery which may take a while to appear as I like to live with the character whilst she reveals her own story and therefore the image that will reflect this. The hand embroidery is rather awkward to stitch onto a 3d shape but I don’t like to make life too easy for myself!

Anyway the story is always the last addition to complete the character and here is Eve’s.

Eve fills her ancient stone cottage with wild flowers both real and as decorative embroideries which are stitched onto panels which cover each and every wall from floor to ceiling. Every waking hour is spent either wandering the surrounding countryside filling her basket with delicate blooms, or sitting by the fire patiently creating meandering lines of intricate stitch work in gentle aged colours onto the softest antique linen sheets which have been handed down through previous generations. Each panel holds sweet memories of gentle times gone by and the simple beauty of the flowers that grow in abundance in hidden places.

Eve is available at The Edge Gallery in Lancaster (one more doll in the gallery to show you and then I can get to the ones I have currently available from my studio!)

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