Sophie, originally uploaded by gilfling.

The final character now available in The Edge Gallery, Sophies story is below.

Sophie – Amongst the ruins of her ancestral home there is one room that remains intact with hand painted wall panels and billowing velvet curtains. Candle-light cast’s soft shadows and appears to bring the illustrated birds and butterflies to life as they dance on the faded leaves that cover the high walls from floor to ceiling. Outside there are broken down walls and stairs that end in sky with nowhere else to go.

Grand arches mark the places where previous generations once walked. But Sophie is content to while away the hours in the warm and cosy room, writing long winding stories inspired by the heavy trunks which are full of photographs of her distant relatives.

It is a quiet saturday here where I am enjoying catching up with some work on the computer with the patio doors open to the sunshine and seeing a couple of huge bumble bees drifting about the garden. I have some work to do on a commission this afternoon but then will catch up on a wee bit of vegatable gardening and repotting some seedlings which is always a lovely break and a chance to be outside.

I am new to gardening and very much a novice in an experimental phase to see what I can grow and what I should leave to the experts! But it is lovely to see green seedlings breaking through the soil where it had previously been bare and hopefully we shall have some fresh vegetables to enjoy in the coming months. Interestingly the vegetables that Mark strongly dislikes (carrots, beetroot and cabbage), are currently working out the best in my wee potted garden! But with a few other vegetables still to plant, hopefully we shall have some variety which we can both enjoy.

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