Bunny proofed fence

Bunny proofed fence, originally uploaded by gilfling.

The sun has barely stopped shining here this weekend and as a pale as milk scottish lass I should stay out of the sun, but the new garden-lover in me cannot say no to spending as much time outside as possible (with a big sunhat and layers of sunscreen of course).

We were on a mission at the weekend and the hot sun meant trials were ahead but when needs must….

Our two bunnies, Jeeves and Wooster have very different characters and Jeeves has taken to trying all manner of escapades in a bid for freedom. However we love the fact that they can lollop freely around our tiny garden (with supervision) but pop into the loo or for a drink and within 10 seconds he can burrow his way out under the fence with Wooster either oblivious or looking on with envy at his brothers bravery. Not so bad if it is just out into the next garden but potentially catastrophic if he made it out to the car park and beyond – we would never see him again…..

So the plan this weekend was to tackle some serious bunnyproofing. Lots of digging, lots of wire clipping and pinning and then putting the dirt and gravel back where it belongs. Not exactly the best task for what I think may have been the hottest weekend of the year so far but absolutely necessary. We are still only a third of the way through but have so far tackled his favourite spots and hope to finish next weekend. So this was our Saturday and Sunday. Busy, tiring and requiring plenty of stops for refreshments and to let the muscles and back ease up. Hard work but so much cheaper than a bought bunny run and they get to lollop about in a larger space which they do love. They are like streaks of lightning when they really run about and love jumping 2 foot into the air in absolute joy – we don’t want to hinder that with a bunny run!

We also made it to the local market – the first time since we have moved here! Why it took us so long I do not know but shopping for fruit and veg in the outdoors beats supermarket rushes hands down. Mark even gifted me with some bedding plants for the garden and it is glorious to sit out there and have some colour along with the bees that are attracted to them. In our brand new house, our garden is also a blank canvas and this can be a little overwhelming at times, especially when I desire instant overgrown wilderness and layers of colour and texture. But little by little we will add a plant at a time and wait for that character and seclusion that I seek in this tiny little space….

Capturing the Waves

Capturing the Waves, originally uploaded by gilfling.

What a beautiful day it is here in Nottingham but I have no time to enjoy it at the moment! The sweet peas are finally appearing on the trellis and I am hoping to photo them when more arrive over the weekend.

This is a post and dash today as I have to be in Derby shortly for a seminar but I just wanted to show you this drawing. My daily sketches have given me the push to finally start creating original artwork again (I have been so focussed on the ‘craft’ side of my creations recently that it is a while since I have had any originals available) but this wee pencil drawing is just about to be listed in my etsy shop. I am setting myself the goal of a few small originals a week and will see where this takes me….

The first few will be priced slightly cheaper as I am awaiting an order of the paper that I most like to draw on (I had never expected to be a paper snob…) but this one is still on lovely cartridge paper…I was just too impatient to start – when the notion comes to me I have to just get on and do it…

Capturing the waves is available here

Wishing you a wonderful summery weekend.

daily sketches and sweet blooms

daily sketches, originally uploaded by gilfling.

It has been so hot here the last few days and I am enjoying spending a wee while everyday tending to the garden with bunnies lolloping about the grass. A small budget and inexperience are preventing me from doing as much to the garden as I would like but the tomato plants and courgette plants are growing a little more each day so I am hopeful that there will be some produce to show for my efforts.

I am also growing sweetpeas for the first time (everything in my garden I am growing for the first time…my very first garden….) and I am waiting with bated breath for the first sweet pea bloom to appear…there are lots of buds appearing daily. Sweet peas are my very favourite flower and I have fond and poignant memories of picking them from my grannies garden and bringing them in to scent the whole house in little vases. I look forward to that same scent in my own home soon.

More daily sketches and they are paving a way to me beginning some new work which is exciting. I feel I am fighting some fires here at the moment in terms of my creativity and procrastination but am making progress – I have more to say on this in another blog post. Meanwhile I am going to get back to the studio…..


Dwellings, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I have been making these wee dwellings for some time now on and off… and I can’t remember if I have blogged about them before now. Mostly they have been in a couple of exhibitions and here and there, but now I have a few that I am listing in my etsy shop.

They really came about when writing the stories for my characters sculptures (dolls) and upon realising that the stories were very much about where the characters lived, their environment, the place they called home whether that be a run down mill or an overgrown cottage. I have some ideas as to how I can develop these but as always it is time…..

For now they reside here (with a few more to be listed over the coming days)

Have a wonderful weekend!

just a moment a day……

daily sketch, originally uploaded by gilfling.

……and I cannot believe how good it feels.

I have set myself the task of doing a couple of little drawings a day in my small moleskine sketchbook. They are just rough little sketches and I have no idea what I am drawing until it is almost finished on the page before me but already I feel so much better. I have not sketched, drawn or painted much atall recently for one reason or another and not wanting to pressure myself I have just been waiting until the desire was there again.

And now it is…. and I hope it continues.

A new place

text, originally uploaded by gilfling.

For a while now I have been writing – not daily, sometimes not regularly atall but looking through these journals the other day, I all of a sudden thought to create a blog for these meandering thoughts.

This is a tough one for me. I think too much, and keep so much inside that writing is often a welcome but private release. I reveal so little in this blog, here. This space is for ‘snippets’ of my life and for updates on my work and is used for that alone.

Many blogs that I read though are heartfelt documentations of creative minds and lives and I am astounded at the honesty that is revealed through them. However I have always known that I cannot be that brave or revealing in what I document here.

However I am taking part in a wee personal project at the moment which may be revealed in the future – I am always hesitant to reveal ‘new projects’ here as I often feel I am letting myself down if for some reason I cannot follow things through – but this journey has led me to want to write some fragments of my personal musings in blog form. They are just small fragments of some of the things that occupy my mind, words and imagery, reflections and inspirations – collections really and the basis for my creative work.

This may purely be something for myself to reflect on in the future, it may be of no interest to anyone else. I have certainly never studied creative writing although that is a dream of mine, so things will be very rough around the edges and unfinished… but that is generally what thoughts and day-dreams are…no?

Anyway…it is what it is… and we shall see how it goes…

The new place is here

Camping trips are good for the soul

2010_0612gfff0229, originally uploaded by gilfling.

oh yes they are….. I think camping is one of my favourite things to do in the whole world. On a limited budget and on a whim, you can go just about anywhere. The last few months have certainly had their ups and downs and what we really needed was some time away. We have had our tent for almost a year now but with said ‘ups and downs’ it has been impossible to sneak in that first camping trip…until now.

Twas my birthday last weekend and Mark and I headed to the Norfolk coast – somewhere new to me but highly recommended by friends. Our tent is huge!!! Certainly not the kind of camping I am used to but entirely necessary given some current health limitations – but now we can go away and not have to worry about those! (Well kind of….) It certainly felt like the luxurious side of camping if there is such a thing.

We have been making the odd wee purchase every so often and now have pretty much everything we need to make camping home from home, with a cooker and all the gubbins to go with it. The weather treated us very well with only some howling winds on the first night – I guess something to be expected in a county with lots of windmills. I feel absolutely in my element – being outdoors, cooking outdoors, sleeping (almost) on the ground, taking time to just sit and dream and escape and spending quality time with Mark – yes I could certainly do that every weekend. It just gives us time to step back and also have much needed time together with no distractions.

I took my sketchbook with the idea of working away in it as much as I could but found myself just happy to sit and absorb my surroundings and take lots of photographs.


(more photos here)