meandering along

daily sketches 002, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Tis a beautiful Friday here with the sun streaming into the garden – it will slowly make it’s way through the patio doors by mid afternoon and the rabbits will enjoy their afternoon sunbathing as they sleep.

Life has been moving along at a slightly slower pace the last couple of weeks which has been a welcome relief and I have been making the time to gather my thoughts and think on how I wish my work to progress and develop. Of course there are lots of things that I ‘should’ be doing and the to-do list certainly does not go away or even decrease….but sometimes we just need to take that time to pause and collect even when there are things constantly chapping at the door wanting attention. It is also important to be healthy and take time to breathe. Those lists will always be there no matter how much I rush around and try to tackle them. This to me is one of the joys of not working the 9 to 5 and as a creative person with ups and downs and scattered thoughts which can be easily overwhelming, I have to get off the treadmill and take time to drift along.

So there have been lots of afternoons, sat in the company of rabbits, hand-sewing whilst watching documentaries (my favourite thing to watch) and also sketching. I feel like a sponge at the moment – and whilst there may not be a great deal of outward productivity, I have finally starting putting things down on paper, which for me is a sure sign that ideas are brewing. The first few pages are always tentative and I have the niggling worry that I am just repeating my previous work but as I continue to draw on a daily basis, new ideas will start to appear.

I have a feeling that I may begin painting again soon – something that I have not done in such a long time. In the past this has caused me alot of stress whenever I have had these long breaks as my expectations of myself were that I should be painting all the time. More recently I have decided to go with the flow and not force anything – to see what would be happen. I have discovered that this suits me better – I am always working, always creating something and I have found that it is not so important to dwell on what that is but just to wait and see what happens.

Who knows what may come of it?


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