sketchbook pages

sketchbook pages, originally uploaded by gilfling.

More sketchbook pages – several things have come of this new daily practice (just thinking out loud here) ….why oh why so I have such long periods where I hardly do any sketching atall?….. how much futher on in my art would I be if I kept to a routine and drew every day that I could?…. I am now a convert to the beautiful Moleskine sketchbook (something I have previously been quite dismissive of before – I mean how much different can a wee sketchbook be?) ….. I do feel as if in a sense I am currently re-working old ideas but I am confident that if I stick with it, something new will happen……

the page on the left was inspired by a documentry I watched the other day about the dolls found in Edinburgh almost 200 years ago buried in a cave – you can read more details here…a fascinating and macabre story, very thought provoking

I do hope it stops raining by the weekend – the rain has been fairly consistent here since the end of last week with barely any sunshine and I do feel it is adding to my current melancholic mood. Some sunshine would be lovely.


One thought on “sketchbook pages

  1. fingers crossed for sunshine here, I have a whole weekend of studio work to do as Steve is away with the boys, poss even a trip to Patchings too, you are welcome to join me if you fancy it??

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