A new place

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For a while now I have been writing – not daily, sometimes not regularly atall but looking through these journals the other day, I all of a sudden thought to create a blog for these meandering thoughts.

This is a tough one for me. I think too much, and keep so much inside that writing is often a welcome but private release. I reveal so little in this blog, here. This space is for ‘snippets’ of my life and for updates on my work and is used for that alone.

Many blogs that I read though are heartfelt documentations of creative minds and lives and I am astounded at the honesty that is revealed through them. However I have always known that I cannot be that brave or revealing in what I document here.

However I am taking part in a wee personal project at the moment which may be revealed in the future – I am always hesitant to reveal ‘new projects’ here as I often feel I am letting myself down if for some reason I cannot follow things through – but this journey has led me to want to write some fragments of my personal musings in blog form. They are just small fragments of some of the things that occupy my mind, words and imagery, reflections and inspirations – collections really and the basis for my creative work.

This may purely be something for myself to reflect on in the future, it may be of no interest to anyone else. I have certainly never studied creative writing although that is a dream of mine, so things will be very rough around the edges and unfinished… but that is generally what thoughts and day-dreams are…no?

Anyway…it is what it is… and we shall see how it goes…

The new place is here

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