daily sketches and sweet blooms

daily sketches, originally uploaded by gilfling.

It has been so hot here the last few days and I am enjoying spending a wee while everyday tending to the garden with bunnies lolloping about the grass. A small budget and inexperience are preventing me from doing as much to the garden as I would like but the tomato plants and courgette plants are growing a little more each day so I am hopeful that there will be some produce to show for my efforts.

I am also growing sweetpeas for the first time (everything in my garden I am growing for the first time…my very first garden….) and I am waiting with bated breath for the first sweet pea bloom to appear…there are lots of buds appearing daily. Sweet peas are my very favourite flower and I have fond and poignant memories of picking them from my grannies garden and bringing them in to scent the whole house in little vases. I look forward to that same scent in my own home soon.

More daily sketches and they are paving a way to me beginning some new work which is exciting. I feel I am fighting some fires here at the moment in terms of my creativity and procrastination but am making progress – I have more to say on this in another blog post. Meanwhile I am going to get back to the studio…..

One thought on “daily sketches and sweet blooms

  1. I am so glad to hear you’re enjoying your first garden – once your courgettes and toms get going you will be giving them away! Enjoy it while the summer is here, if you don’t have anything pressing; winter will be here all too soon.

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