Capturing the Waves

Capturing the Waves, originally uploaded by gilfling.

What a beautiful day it is here in Nottingham but I have no time to enjoy it at the moment! The sweet peas are finally appearing on the trellis and I am hoping to photo them when more arrive over the weekend.

This is a post and dash today as I have to be in Derby shortly for a seminar but I just wanted to show you this drawing. My daily sketches have given me the push to finally start creating original artwork again (I have been so focussed on the ‘craft’ side of my creations recently that it is a while since I have had any originals available) but this wee pencil drawing is just about to be listed in my etsy shop. I am setting myself the goal of a few small originals a week and will see where this takes me….

The first few will be priced slightly cheaper as I am awaiting an order of the paper that I most like to draw on (I had never expected to be a paper snob…) but this one is still on lovely cartridge paper…I was just too impatient to start – when the notion comes to me I have to just get on and do it…

Capturing the waves is available here

Wishing you a wonderful summery weekend.

3 thoughts on “Capturing the Waves

    • Hi Gretel – no Cathy Cullis kindly suggested buying the larger sketchbooks and tearing the pages out – wonderful! I never thought I would love this paper so much but it is just perfect for that gliding pencil! An order to amazon has been placed!

  1. Oh of course! I have a big A3 Moleskine which I have yet to broach – but you can never have enough Moleskines (I never thought I would become such a snob about drawing paper either!)

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