out into the forest

out into the forest original drawing, originally uploaded by gilfling.

You know when you have been busy but can’t quite remember what you have been doing? That is me at the moment. Life is a blur. A wedding to organise, exhibitions to have work ready for, a major contemporary craft event to have stock for, a summer to enjoy, a garden to plant and tend, movies to watch, sketching to do, ideas to develop…. and so life goes on.

I had set myself a wee task of trying to draw and sketch everyday, which kind of fell by the wayside last week, but no matter, I shall pick my pencil up and carry on again.

This drawing above I really enjoyed doing. Often when using pencil, my marks get heavier and heavier and the lines and tones are bold and dark such as here. I think right now I am seeking to gain some of the subtlety that I think I manage to achieve in my paintings with a ghostly haze and that atmosphere of light and I am please with how this one turned out.

Available here.

I had a great time in Sheffield on Saturday with a stall at the Craft Candy Fair in the beautiful Millenium Galleries – you can see photos of the event here and I am very much hoping to be able to have a stall at the Christmas event in November. So well organised and I met many, many lovely people. So thanks to the craft candy ladies for a worthwhile and enjoyable event.

An imagined life….

Embroidered Dwelling 2 , originally uploaded by gilfling.

I created these dwellings a short time ago and they have just returned from an exhibition. I have only made two of these intricately embroidered houses and was not sure that I would ever make any more – the embroidery is simply too time consuming to make them something that I could do alot of and actually sell…………. but do you ever have those moments of serendipity, when something you have been pondering falls into place……….

Reading through some of the blogs I like to follow I came across this post this morning from Rima at The Hermitage – a place I often like to visit and spend a while…….. ‘Old women who paint on their walls’ – really it is a revelation and a beautiful read and I urge you to visit there too.

The thing that struck me the most is the way in which these woman came to create……. as if by accident, through emotion and desire to express something within their environment….perhaps no-one else would ever see these incredible images…but no-matter, they created them anyway and who knows what they were dreaming and imagining as they took brush and paint to their homes and walls.

Lately I have been pondering the things I make, the images I create and the methods I use, wondering if they are trite or childish. Perhaps I should seek to create more ‘serious art’… perhaps my art should ‘grow up’ or I should be progressing forward more than I am… (this usually happens when I am in awe of other artists and their development and tenacity) and as always there is always the dilemma between making art for sale and making art for me (dah di dah di dah – the ongoing internal conversations that muddle my brain…)

…but these woman paint on their walls. They paint because they want to, because their heart tells them to. They came to this later in life and are creating for them and no-one else. I think in my dreams and imaginations I would like to be a ‘woman who painted on walls’ …if I could let go of my insecurites and inhibitions and let my imagination wander at will.

Even my characters show a desire to express themselves through their environment such as Constance (you can read here story there) and Eve and these characters are really an expression of who I would like to be and how I would like to live my life – living in an old stone cottage, surrounded by fields of wildflowers and wild animals and allowing nature to creep in through open doors and windows whilst I meticulously embroider my heart and soul onto the interior of my home.

In a round about way I guess this brings me back to my thoughts on these embroidered dwellings. They take hours to make and the time spent on embroidering these stitches in and through an awkward 3d object can never be accounted for in their material worth….but for me it is the process, it is the expression of something deep within and even if I am the only one ever to see them or hold them, or understand them….perhaps I should continue to create them anyway…………

Sorry for my rambling thoughts, for that is what they are …and perhaps only meaningful to me…..

PS the dwellings reside in a virtual way here whilst also making me smile in my studio and think upon ‘old woman who paint on their walls’ and girls who embroider on their walls too……….

PPS – I in no way mean to compare myself to these wonderful woman who put their heart and souls into their own dwellings but it just caused me to ponder on my own art for a brief time…and also to be inspired by these outsider artists.

more fragments of nature

Fragments of nature, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Just a real quickie as I have been photographing and listing all morning and now lunch beckons and then some much needed studio time….

but I just wanted to let you know that I have been listing a few items in each of my etsy shops over the last couple of days with still more to come (listing takes such an age I just cannot bring myself to do the whole lot at once!) – so there are new character sculptures and dwellings here … and new fragments brooches and felted brooches here….

The character sculptures may not stick around there very long though – I owe a couple of galleries some new work ….

I need to blog tomorrow as I am at a great looking event next weekend and am also thinking about having a bit of a clear-out of old work so there may be a ‘summer madness sale’ announcement soon….. I need to make room in my portfolios and my imagination for new work so it will be good to let some older work go and the prices will be ‘madness indeed!’

A few new/old things….

Aspen, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I collected a bunch of work from two exhibitions that had ended recently so have been listing some of it in my etsy shop – character sculptures and dwellings. Some have been listed already but I have hit the wall of tiredness and have to go out in about 5 minutes so I shall continue tomorrow….still have about 4 character sculptures and 4 dwellings to go as well as some ‘fragments’ brooches. Not often available on etsy I may be taking them to one of my galleries soon after an event this week….so they may be around only a short while.

You can find them here…..

beauty hides darkness

beauty hides darkness, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Hello there, well the week has had a busy beginning after a whirlwhind exhibition at Greens Windmill with Sneinton Artists again – they come around so quickly and I must get better at putting these things here on my blog before they happen as opposed to once the event has been and gone. Still as ever there are other things coming up and once I have more details I shall make note here….

After a wee bit of procrastination I did create a couple of new pieces for the exhibition and as ever I do hope to develop these further. It is wonderful to be able to combine my current delight in creating hand-embroidery (in particular pain-staking french knots) with my drawing since I am now fully back in the flow of creating imagery again as opposed to purely 3d work (as has been most recent)

One of these pieces sold over the weekend so I did not even have a chance to photograph it (as it was not finished until 3pm on friday). It was my favourite, so a shame that I do not have a record of it, however the experience of creating that piece has been flowing through my thoughts and highlighting new possibilities…so new ideas are brewing.

This piece above is the other and I have still another in progress until I decide whether it is finished or not ….you know that fear of doing too much….but also thinking that more could make it better? Yes the ongoing thoughts whilst creating….

Anyway I am just incredibly excited to be in ‘the flow again’ and creating work regularly.

So this piece is now listed in my etsy shop and I am just about to list a few other things which have returned from two different exhibitions….. I would love to write more but I must get on.