beauty hides darkness

beauty hides darkness, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Hello there, well the week has had a busy beginning after a whirlwhind exhibition at Greens Windmill with Sneinton Artists again – they come around so quickly and I must get better at putting these things here on my blog before they happen as opposed to once the event has been and gone. Still as ever there are other things coming up and once I have more details I shall make note here….

After a wee bit of procrastination I did create a couple of new pieces for the exhibition and as ever I do hope to develop these further. It is wonderful to be able to combine my current delight in creating hand-embroidery (in particular pain-staking french knots) with my drawing since I am now fully back in the flow of creating imagery again as opposed to purely 3d work (as has been most recent)

One of these pieces sold over the weekend so I did not even have a chance to photograph it (as it was not finished until 3pm on friday). It was my favourite, so a shame that I do not have a record of it, however the experience of creating that piece has been flowing through my thoughts and highlighting new possibilities…so new ideas are brewing.

This piece above is the other and I have still another in progress until I decide whether it is finished or not ….you know that fear of doing too much….but also thinking that more could make it better? Yes the ongoing thoughts whilst creating….

Anyway I am just incredibly excited to be in ‘the flow again’ and creating work regularly.

So this piece is now listed in my etsy shop and I am just about to list a few other things which have returned from two different exhibitions….. I would love to write more but I must get on.

One thought on “beauty hides darkness

  1. it’s great to hear you are so ‘in the zone’ again and making lots of gorgeous new work, i’m loving looking at it all, and v jealous that i haven’t had time to make any new work for a good three weeks now!! looking forward to seeing you on 28th xx

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