more fragments of nature

Fragments of nature, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Just a real quickie as I have been photographing and listing all morning and now lunch beckons and then some much needed studio time….

but I just wanted to let you know that I have been listing a few items in each of my etsy shops over the last couple of days with still more to come (listing takes such an age I just cannot bring myself to do the whole lot at once!) – so there are new character sculptures and dwellings here … and new fragments brooches and felted brooches here….

The character sculptures may not stick around there very long though – I owe a couple of galleries some new work ….

I need to blog tomorrow as I am at a great looking event next weekend and am also thinking about having a bit of a clear-out of old work so there may be a ‘summer madness sale’ announcement soon….. I need to make room in my portfolios and my imagination for new work so it will be good to let some older work go and the prices will be ‘madness indeed!’

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