out into the forest

out into the forest original drawing, originally uploaded by gilfling.

You know when you have been busy but can’t quite remember what you have been doing? That is me at the moment. Life is a blur. A wedding to organise, exhibitions to have work ready for, a major contemporary craft event to have stock for, a summer to enjoy, a garden to plant and tend, movies to watch, sketching to do, ideas to develop…. and so life goes on.

I had set myself a wee task of trying to draw and sketch everyday, which kind of fell by the wayside last week, but no matter, I shall pick my pencil up and carry on again.

This drawing above I really enjoyed doing. Often when using pencil, my marks get heavier and heavier and the lines and tones are bold and dark such as here. I think right now I am seeking to gain some of the subtlety that I think I manage to achieve in my paintings with a ghostly haze and that atmosphere of light and I am please with how this one turned out.

Available here.

I had a great time in Sheffield on Saturday with a stall at the Craft Candy Fair in the beautiful Millenium Galleries – you can see photos of the event here and I am very much hoping to be able to have a stall at the Christmas event in November. So well organised and I met many, many lovely people. So thanks to the craft candy ladies for a worthwhile and enjoyable event.

2 thoughts on “out into the forest

  1. Craft Candy Fair looks great, hope it all went well for you!
    Keep up the good work you busy bee and the illustration is beautiful, like ghostly fairies.

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