BCTF display – Morgandy, originally uploaded by gilfling.


Tis Saturday night and I am on the pc catching up on organising my image files (that is how exciting my saturday nights are at the moment!). I re-discovered a whole lot of images that I had not edited or publicised from the British Craft Trade Fair which I exhibited at in April of this year.

Morgandy is absolutely one of my favourite characters that I have created and it was really difficult for me to let her go. Before the show I had decided to keep her for myself but a lovely lady fell in love with her and so she went to a good home.

This can often be one of the difficult things about being a designer/maker. When a piece really comes together in every way and pulls at your heart strings it can be difficult to let go. In this case, her facial expression, the colours of her cloak and the new illustration (free hand-drawn straight onto her cloak and based on a sea-faring map illustration) all just worked and as I look at the photo I really wish that I had kept her. But then again, it is good to know that she is loved and appreciated by a fellow artist too.

Perhaps that perfect combination will happen again in the characters that I have in the pipeline at the moment.

You can see more images of my display from the show here.

Still here…..

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I am still here!  Despite the fact that I am languishing on the sofa with little more to do than a wee bit of crochet, sketching and watching of historical documentaries and eating victoria sponge, it seems that keeping up with two blogs is proving too much.

So if you are interested in a catch up – you can find me here. There is even some wonderfully good news!

I am hoping that all this laying around will bring about some productivity soon and that I will have something more to show you than a picture of my slippers or rabbits. Or my rabbit slippers.

(PS – I don’t actually have rabbit slippers but I am sure they must be very cosy andwould be perfect for laying about on the sofa)

A Whispered Journey

Man this is a toughie for me – I have a new blog – what?! A new blog? When I haven’t even really posted to my other new blog? When I don’t even regularly post to this one?! I know, I know. Infact I am not even really sure this new blog is the right thing for me, I have been thinking upon it since last week. But the last week has been a long and eventful one and I guess this is how I feel in the present – we shall see if I can continue but with all the inspiration and comfort I have gained from other blogs on similar subjects in the last week – it feels like the right thing to do.

It is here. x

PS – if you are family or friends and I have not yet had a chance to tell you in real life – I am sorry. I have made so many phonecalls in the last week that I can’t bear to make any more – please forgive me!!!!