A Whispered Journey

Man this is a toughie for me – I have a new blog – what?! A new blog? When I haven’t even really posted to my other new blog? When I don’t even regularly post to this one?! I know, I know. Infact I am not even really sure this new blog is the right thing for me, I have been thinking upon it since last week. But the last week has been a long and eventful one and I guess this is how I feel in the present – we shall see if I can continue but with all the inspiration and comfort I have gained from other blogs on similar subjects in the last week – it feels like the right thing to do.

It is here. x

PS – if you are family or friends and I have not yet had a chance to tell you in real life – I am sorry. I have made so many phonecalls in the last week that I can’t bear to make any more – please forgive me!!!!


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