Gillian and Mark got married….

Wedding, originally uploaded by gilfling.


So, a year later than originally planned and almost delayed again by yet another hiccup, we finally got hitched! Smaller and quicker than our 2nd October date would have been we are so over the moon to finally be married. Organised in 2 weeks (and when I say ‘organised’ – what I really mean is registry office booked and rings bought) we had the most wonderful day.

Here follows a brief run-through……..

4.30pm on the previous day I have a wee panic as I have not been ‘organised’ enough to purchase my actual wedding ring so have to nip out to get a ‘stand-in’ which will hopefully be replaced sometime in the next few years……

Day of the wedding…… 11.30am…. I have to run over to the hairdressers across the road as my hands are shaking so much I can’t do a thing with my hair….. in desperation I ask them to do ‘anything’  to help me!! The lovely trainee sorts it for me in 10 minutes

1pm …. folks start arriving and I have an emotional wobble as it is all a little overwhelming….it has been an emotional week (actually it has been an emotional 2 months)…

1.15pm….. we hitch a ride on the tram to the registry office with a motley crew of friends and family……

2pm…… we walk in to get married to this perfect song, our very favourite tune with some of our friends and loved ones there with us

3pm…. back to the house for a ‘1940’s high tea’ kindly organised by our friends

6.30pm ….. off to this wonderful hotel, just the two of us…….bliss

It really was a wonderful day. I wore a vintage dress I have had for years, a handmade hair accessory and a bit of ribbon straight off the spool as I realised I did not have an appropriate belt to match my dress. We were both baking and I ‘glowed’ more than is natural or right. Not everyone close to us could make it and they were very much missed but the friends and family that were there made it such an incredible day and we were so glad that they could share it with us.

Already it seems a while ago and it really was organised in a flash and went far too quickly. But we plan to have a ‘do’ up in Scotland sometime next year to make up for cancelling the original date………… but I am so glad that we had this small occassion which was just perfect as it was…..

If you would like to see more photos then you can go here!

6 thoughts on “Gillian and Mark got married….

  1. Congratulations. You both look incredibly serene and seem to be looking forward to a happy future. It’s the happiest occasions that make us most nervous. For all they promise, we fear they won’t live up to our expectations or we won’t live up to them or something. Yet you both have weathered a lot and are wise with hearts full of love for each other. “Each day is a gift — that why it’s called the present.” I love the dress!

  2. Sounds like a great day Gillian. Glad it all went so well. Love the photo. You both look very elegant and you are looking fantastic! Love your vintage dress and the trainee did a great job with your hair – it’s lovely. You wouldn’t know at all from the pic that you were ‘glowing’ more than was natural or right. Am going to check out what your perfect song was now. Xx

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  4. Congratulations

    I am so happy to have found your blog via Tinctory. I have been admirer on flickr but didn’t know you blogged as well

    Best wishes

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