mosaic monday 13/12/10

mosaic monday 13/13/10, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Aaah it has been forever and a day since I put together a wee inspirational mosaic based on my flickr faves but here is the latest.

Thank you so much to the artists, creators and makers who share images of their work for folks like me to gaze and wonder at.

It has been a funny old weekend with lots of back pain caused by the weird and wonderful positions I have to lie in for my radiotherapy treatment so I have only been able to catch up on a wee bit of hand sewing. However I find myself restless, that fluttering in the pit of my stomach and the swirling of ideas and beginnings of possible creations. I am taking it slowly as each day I am pooped – today for instance I had my hospital treatment, came home to package parcels, went to the post-office and made dinner and that left me exhausted, so my plans and dreams may have to come to fruition a little slower than usual but I shall get there in the end…… as always.

PS I know that it looks as if I have abandoned my blog telling this present story but I am hoping to update this week. Seven weeks without internet put a halt on the updates and I have since found it difficult to even begin to fill in the gaps and carry on but I hope to revisit the story soon…

Thank you for visiting! x


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