Hello 2011…

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A Happy New Year to you!

I am not one for news years resolutions.  As soon as I make them I set myself up for failure but I always have a few wishes for myself for a new year and this year is different in only one way. I am making these airy fairy ‘wishes’ more concrete – they are plans/aims/goals. Nothing too difficult, nothing impossible and nothing really new. They are just things to work on and things to look forward too!

I plan to dream more, make more art, re-discover painting, exhibit more.

I plan to connect more with present friends, re-connect with neglected ones.

I plan to be a better daughter, wife, friend, artist.

I plan to be healthy, have more fun, live in the moment.

I plan to spend less time on the computer and more time doing.

I plan to carry on being a thinker and dreamer but to also not forget to live, be and do and see. Oh and breathe. Taking time to breathe is always good.

I plan to spend more time in the studio and push my work in new and unexpected ways.

I am sure there are a whole lot more hopes and wishes for 2011 but for now I am going to get up to the studio! Whilst I am recovering from my treatment I am mixing napping with new work beginnings and taking some time to work on some more personal projects like making myself a new dress. In the past I have found it so incredibly difficult to put time aside to just work on things for myself and this is another plan for 2011!

I do hope that this year is a great one for you and that your own plans are forming and becoming reality!

One thought on “Hello 2011…

  1. Hi there! Nice to meet you through Louise’s class! I am just in awe of your beautiful art….I’ve been having a look at your flickr photos and your work is simply stunning…i especially love your dolls. I hope your BIG dreams materialise sooooon! 🙂

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