Time to rest, time to stretch

3 1 11, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I am really enjoying continuing with these quick small daily sketches. Although not the best drawings I have created, I am finding that in that time when I am so sleepy, there is no room to be anxious about what is appearing on the page. I have no preconceived idea about what shapes to form and what will happen. But my images are still very literal and this year I want to find more freedom in my art making, more expression.

In this first month of the year I have two opposing paths to be following (or perhaps it is three). Recovering from seven weeks of treatment, I am exhausted and needing to sleep often and am only able to tackle tasks in short bursts. So the first plan for this month is to rest and recover.

Preparing for this month of rest and recuperation I also thought it would be a good idea to gift myself with some time to stretch and grow in my ideas and new artwork; getting back to basics and starting the year with a fresh perspective. So I signed up for an e-course and then in my eagerness signed up for another one. With long days in the house in between napping and taking short walks it seemed I would have all the time in the world. Plan number two.

However as is my usual way, my inability to gauge time in hours, days, weeks and months, I had not appreciated the impending deadlines of two group exhibitions – the first opening in February and the second opening in March. Oops. Plan number three.

I am going to put all three plans down on paper step by step, put them in a hat, mix them around and taking one scrap at a time I will work my way through each and every one. My days this month will be spent resting, playing, sewing, painting, developing ideas, napping, embroidering, strolling, sketching, not panicking, creating new work and thinking. Above all though I am going to accept that I can only do so much and I am not going overwork myself. In fact that wee selection of tasks sound just the ticket to getting back on my feet.


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