Inspiration and process

10 1 11, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Another day, another daily sketch. A ritual that I hope to continue. I have been thinking a lot about the work I create and the work I used to create whilst at art college particularly in that first year, a foundation year where experimentation was encouraged and the process was as important, if not more important than the end result. This is something that I want to rediscover in my work today and for the future. I have a wee notion to go back into my art college portfolio just to see what forgotten images I might find.

My work was very different prior to my costume design degree, more abstract, more about place and a moment in time.

I discovered the work of Magali Rizzo yesterday and I cannot even put into words the way her images speak to me. There is a story, a sadness, a forgotten past. Although very different in the end art pieces, the inspiration reminds me of a costume project I designed in my last year of studies. I may dig out the research and costume renderings to revisit the themes. I have a feeling that going back may indeed help me to move forward.

I do not like to put images of other artists unless I have permission so I encourage you to read the interview with Magali here – it is a fascinating insight into the working process of an amazing artist. Her blog is here.


One thought on “Inspiration and process

  1. great to see this new burst of creativity, hope to be following in your footsteps later this week, when I finally get some studio time, my poor beautiful neglected studio…..

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