A huge loss……….

We have just returned from a short 3 day trip that was our belated honeymoon in Chester. Upon checking my emails by phone yesterday I was absolutely devastated to read that my friend and mentor Tracie Eagles passed away on Wednesday night very suddenly and unexpectadly. Tracie was an integral part of the Design Factory team based in Sleaford working as Project Officer, creating the newsletter and working on the website and as mentor to Design Factory members. Above all else though she was a warm, generous, bubbly person who was such a source of fun, smiles, encouragement and practical advice.

I first met Tracie around 3 years ago when I was nervously thinking of applying for Design Factory and she played a huge role in the development of my creative business, offering words of support and encouragement when I needed them. She saw something in my work that I don’t even think I knew was there at the time. I was so honoured when the girls in the Design Factory office commissioned me to make a doll in red (her favourite colour) as her leaving present. Tracie moved up to Scotland with her partner last year but was always there whether via email or phone – chatty and with an ever ready laugh. Although I did not know Tracie for very long she made a huge impact on my life and my work and I shall miss her so very much. I know she will be missed by many. I will certainly never forget her. My thoughts are with her partner, family and colleagues at Design Factory.

Rest In Peace  Tracie x

One thought on “A huge loss……….

  1. Gillian, this is so beautifully written and sums Tracie up exactly. We all loved her so very much on a personal and a professional level and it is such a devastating loss. It’s hard to find the words to truly express how we feel at this time but Clare, Rachel and I have been so comforted by all the kind words and the wonderful tributes to Tracie from DF members. Thank you so much. With love xxx

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