Mosaic Monday 24/1/11

Hello Monday….

Another collection of images from my flickr favourites and again I am feeling inspired. We were away for a few days last week to Chester for a relaxing break but I returned home feeling more than a little exhausted. The weekend was just the perfect recovery time to spend browsing flickr and discovering ‘new to me’ artists and makers. It really is a pleasure to visit these artists pages and view the wonderful work that is there – you may discover some ‘new to you’ wonders too….

I am still taking things slowly but finding that increasingly I want to spend more time in my studio. My daily sketches are just crying out to be made into bigger pieces, paintings and mixed media and I am feeling good about the images and stories that are being unearthed from my thoughts. This week however much of my time inbetween resting will be dedicated to tedious admin – yes I am that person that always leaves my accounts and taxes to absolutely the last minute – and then panics, and then just has to knuckle down and get things done and then vows to be more organised next year….every year.

Wish me luck….

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