Making progress…..

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Today should be my last day of working on the dreaded admin and for that I am glad. The only place I want to be at the moment is my studio, playing and working away with the music on and the bunnies snoozing under the ironing board.

We are of course heading towards the end of the first month of the year and I am pleased with how it has progressed for me. This month was about taking time to recover and learn and re-learn and enjoy the process of making art. I may not have completed any great masterpieces but I am enjoying the just playing with materials and ideas.

Two things have greatly helped with this (well three things really). I have been more disciplined in at least putting pencil to paper every day. Sometimes it is just one of the little sketches, often it is more but it has certainly got my creative juices going and the newly formed habit means ideas are flowing much more readily. The action of using pencil and paper every day, in turn means that drawing is a lot easier for me. Why would I be surprised by that? It is so simple!

Regular blogging (something that I have struggled with so much throughout my blogging history) also means that I am more aware of what I am creating and why. It helps me to remember why I love doing what I do and it almost acts as my daily diary which motivates me to keep going! Thirdly the feedback here on my blog and on flickr has been incredible and a real blessing. So thank you so much for reading, commenting and giving feedback. Who knew that discipline, accountability and critique would be the three things that would reinforce in my mind that this above all else, is what I want to be doing with my life!

Thank you again. Now it is off to the studio I go….

2 thoughts on “Making progress…..

  1. I agree Gillian with the observation that taking this class has promoted better discipline to keep pencil to paper and has really given me a boost creatively. I was able to take the class last January as well, and the encouragement and all the above benefits lasted long after the class ended. A lot of artists from the group posted on the flcr site for months after the class ended.
    Glad you’re here and I think you are a wonderful artist. I truly mean it.

    • Thank you so much Ramona for your thoughtful comments. Discipline in my art is something I have previously struggled with but events of last year have made me realise what is important to me. There is nothing like a life-blip to shake your foundations and help you get back to doing what you love. I am really enjoying the connection with all the other artists on facebook and flickr. The encouragement and support is wonderful. Thank you again for your comments.

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