Mosaic Monday 28 Feb 2011

Mosaic Monday 28 Feb 2011, originally uploaded by gilfling.

1. El monje.The monk., 2. il baptiste, 3. an essay on the shaking palsy, 4. Snowdrop, 5. Untitled, 6. julie, 7. round pincushions, 8. when cloth has eyes, 9. line…, 10. self, 11. Dead bird memorials made from fabric scraps and vintage spoons., 12. Steel plates inked up about to print

Good afternoon and a happy new week to you.

Another inspiring selection from my flickr favourites – every week I find new-to-me artists – so much incredible work out there!

I am busy finishing up bits and pieces to take to The Shire Hall Gallery in Stafford for the group exhibition that I am part of which opens this Saturday. I am hoping to finish the final two pieces in time to photograph them before it gets too dull today so I had better get a move on!


janek , originally uploaded by gilfling.

…..Janek. My first hand sculpted character. I had intentions of creating much simpler characters first of all in order to play with the materials and find out how they responded – at least that was my intention… Instead I found myself hurling myself headlong into making a jointed character with no real idea of what I was doing – as is often my way. Still the learning is in the trying …right? Kind of reminds me of when I decided to teach myself to work with leather and this was the first thing I made. Tears were shed, I made every mistake in the book and it perhaps took 10 times longer than it should have but I got there in the end. Perfectly imperfect.

Anyway as troublesome as he was in the making, i think I love him. He is delightfully awkward and imperfect – and I love all things imperfect. There will be more to come as soon as I can get them finished and photographed. Yep that is my big failing #2 – my inability to understand the mechanics of time – leaving everything till the last minute.

This morning whilst having a wonky moment, I could not think of a name for him for the life of me! So I had intended on putting it out there for suggestions with a bit of a giveaway – but in a moment he became Janek and I think it perfectly suits him, even though with a bit of research it appears to be a name more often used as a surname.

However if you would like to write a few lines about ‘who’ you think Janek is – what his story might be – I would love to read them!! I will pick my favourite next week (perhaps Wednesday?) and put together a wee gift package to send out to my favourite. If you want to join in then write it here in the comments section!

Janek will soon be heading off to this exhibition…. you can see more photos of Janek – here.

Mosaic Monday 21 Feb 2011

Mosaic Monday 21 Feb 2011, originally uploaded by gilfling.

1. RAW #7, 2. Passionate people, 3. beret58, 4. intentions, 5. New Miniature Book., 6. Mushroom, 7. rough painting for illustration , 8. 3, 9. 17th february: nothing whatsoever, 10. crayon mono print1, 11. P., 12. now that the show is over, 13. Things Have Gotten Even More Complicated, 14. tusj og wire, 15. My Fate, 16. Begonia Flowers

How time flies when marked by a new Mosaic on a Monday! Thanks to the artists for sharing their work as ever.

Today I shall be continuing to work on my pieces for the upcoming exhibition Out of This World – things are coming together. I want to create a few more drawings this week – possibly in a different media to the last set. I plan on having a few framed pieces for the exhibition so need to have a wee think.

Wishing you a wonderful week! x

where dreams begin

where dreams begin , originally uploaded by gilfling.

We had a lovely evening board gaming with friends last night – homemade pizza (made by us) and the best treacle tart (made by them) – good company and a great board game.

Today though I am having that Thursday feeling which seems to ba a continuing pattern at the moment – motivated, enthusiastic, brimming with ideas, wanting to settle down to a day of putting my dreams on paper whilst listening to a varied and eclectic playlist. But I am pooped. Physically drained. I am sick of moaning about it. Fed up of this exhaustion being a ‘constant’ in my life at this time. But I have to go with the flow in the knowledge it will get better, it is just a matter of time.

I often wonder about writing about this side of my life here in this space. Whether to keep this blog to just talking about my work and art – but the truth is that everything I do, everything I ‘feel’ is a huge influence on what I am creating on any given day. So it is a part of the whole. I guess I just want to get through a whole week without having at least 3 days (sometimes more) where I am too tired to do much of anything. But I can also see the positive side of these recent times and I am grateful for all that it has brought me. (I do plan on updating my other blog soon….)

When I look at all I have accomplished this month and since January, I realise I have worked more steadily and with more passion than at any time previously. This shift that I have mentioned in my last few blog posts is a revelation to me and I am loving every second of becoming lost in my ideas and my work – I am excited to see where this journey is taking me – not in terms of a destination – but much more in terms of a ‘process’ – a winding path with many interesting things to capture my attention.

I am continuing to work on more original pencil drawings for my shop update tomorrow and am aiming to have at least 4 or 5 new originals available. They are twice the size of my little daily sketches allowing for more texture and detail.

On one hand I am dying to break out all my materials and work on more mixed media pieces – on the other hand I have fallen in love with the good old pencil and the feeling of patiently building up layers of line and tone – sometimes the simplest materials are the most satisfying to work with. There is also the challenge of there not being much room for error – no covering up, no erasing, no reworking and that is something I am enjoying. Perhaps colour will come in next week!

Till tomorrow….. x

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Continuing to sculpt, sculpt, sculpt away at these new characters. A learning curve but an enjoyable one. I am hoping to start painting the first one today. They are so labour intensive!

Incidentally I don’t know why so many of my characters – drawn, painted and sculpted have these strange, twisted hands but I like the contrast of the odd with the whimsical. The slightly unnerving with the endearing.

I have also been working on more original drawings for my shop update on Friday!

Have a great day. x