Studio day…

costume boy, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I had other ideas for a post for today but after spending far too many glorious hours holed up in my studio yesterday….well today I am pooped and my thoughts are a jumble of this and that…..

So instead I shall just show this wee fellow that I painted yesterday as part of the course ‘stretching within’ – this time monochromatic painting with colour washes. You can see him with the inspiration image here. I was fortunate to be given a bunch of scanned photo files which are Mark’s family ancestors from Victorian times – there really are a few treasures in there. I shall perhaps show some more later in the week.

I am still getting to grips with the materials and I spent a long time yesterday playing on boards with textures and just getting messy. It is wonderful to do this with no agenda and no expectations although my brain is itching to start working on these ideas that have been brewing.

I have been enjoying my daily sketches so much that I have set myself another daily challenge for this month. As I am so tired today however I haven’t yet got to it… I shall reveal all tomorrow 😉

Meanwhile I am having a sale in my etsy shop all of this week and until next Tuesday. (Just use the coupon code FEB2011 at checkout.) These last few months have ensured the coffers are empty in what are already tough times – sickness, it’s treatment and recovery and self employment are not the best mix so I am hoping to make a wee bit to pay some bills and treat myself to a haircut! Oh and purchase some paints. Yes perhaps the paints should have come first……


2 thoughts on “Studio day…

  1. Dear Gillian, for a long time i’m enjoying your blog and wanted one of your caracter dolls. Never had the money though. Now i have and there’s no doll. Maybe you have one somewhere in a forgotten closet?
    If you find one this would make me very happy.

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