Rosalyn, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I am running ever so behind today, a day that has seen me taking phtotographs, editing, uploading, listing etc etc and not doing the things that I set out to do …. but such is life. And now I need a nap. Or a cup of tea. Or to just sit and dream and doodle. I think a mixture of tea and sketching sounds like a beginning of a plan and we shall see what happens from there…..

I have finally managed to list 4 new 3 new character sculptures in my etsy shop – and don’t forget there is a 30% discount (FEB2011 coupon code). I have 2 exhibitions coming up so I am not sure when will be the next time that I will have characters available – and they would love to go to good homes. Although Rosalyn would quite happily stay with me. More likely I would be quite happy for her to stay here with me – she has captured my heart…. (but she is now destined for The Netherlands! Thank you Martine)

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday x

(I had it in mind that I would start my February challenge today, but alas I have tired myself out the last few days….. we shall see. I am hoping to show and tell here tomorrow)


2 thoughts on “Rosalyn

  1. Rosalyn arrived at my home on Valentine’s day and she’s more beautiful then i expected.
    I’m totally happy with her Gillian and will take good care of her……………..
    Thank you so much.

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