Mosaic Monday 7/2/11

Mosaic Monday 7/2/11, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Another selection of inspirational images from my flickr favourites – please click through to the original artists to see more of their work – I hope you will be inspired too.

It has been an interesting weekend – I am playing with new materials – always a challenge, getting to grips with possiblilties and limitations and trying to form shapes that are my own, using my recent sketches as inspiration. More soon when things are a little further along – perhaps work in progress for Wednesday?

I feel behind on a few things due to not feeling too well the last week although I am trying to take each day as it comes – always difficult when I also have to plan ahead for some things. I have been approached for two definite and one potential group shows in the last week. Two for the middle of the year and one for later on – always exciting, always humbling when people find my work and think it would suit an exhibition they are planning – I am so grateful for these opportunites. I also have a few application deadlines approaching so need to get the old pen and paper out.

Speaking of exhibitions – I am taking my work out to Leicestershire tomorrow for the setting up of this show which opens on Saturday. FLAIR is taking place at the lovely Ferrers Gallery which is in a really beautiful setting and will run till 10th April – worth the drive if you are anywhere in the area.  Once that  work is delivered then I shall be able to get back to painting for the rest of the week as well as creating work for another exhibition which opens beginning of March.

One day at a time…… I love my work so very much.

(Just a wee reminder that the sale continues in my etsy shop – 30% discount if you use the coupon code FEB2011 at checkout – continues till end of Tuesday)


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