WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday, originally uploaded by gilfling.

A new material for me with some familiar faces appearing. These little chaps are in progress and although the faces and bodies are coming along nicely, their limbs are proving to be a little more challenging. They are based on my recent sketches and although I am trying to let the materials do the work and go with the flow, I also have a picture in my mind’s eye of the characters that are being formed. We shall see how these progress…..

I had been thinking about trying to create some of my characters in clay for a while but had been procrastinating. I was inspired by the work of Cathy Cullis and the new project that she is working on making a tiny clay head a day. Procrastination is banished from my vocabulary and thinking this year (and hopefully all the years to come) – fear of failure is being replaced with the mindset of ‘just get on and do it and see what happens’. I am a lot happier and more creative because of it!

I am having a more restful day today after a busy day yesterday taking work to a gallery and then out to see a theatre comedy performance of Hamlet last night. It had been postponed from Christmas time after the crazy weather so it was lovely to go out last night and be entertained for an evening. Today though I am sitting sculpting, seeking solutions and listening to music. Tomorrow I hope to get back to painting.

Many thanks for visiting this wee space! If anyone has any experience with air-drying clay, I have a couple of questions if you would like to share. Do you use an armature and what do you use? Do you have problems with cracks and are they repairable or is it just best to start afresh? I have been trawling the internet for information of which there is a lot but it is always useful to learn direct from those that have been there.

Also thank you so much if you bought something from my etsy sale. I am so grateful to anyone who see’s something in my work that makes them want to take a piece of it home with them. All orders will be shipped by Friday.


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. hi gillian, this is all looking very intriguing. And once again while you are sitiing in your divine studio being all creative and flowing, I’m in mine, feeline lost and so so so uncreative and at a major full-stop. I wonder whether it will ever come back to me? Maybe i need to take a leaf out of your book and banish the fear and uncertainty for ever and just get on and make something new!

    • Sue I have had a completely different change of attitude to my work this year and I have decided I just don’t have time to waste! I don’t care whate I am doing …. as long as I am doing something. These daily sketches have been a complete revalation to me – I thought I would run out of ideas after the first week but instead I am just finding that the pencil flows almost without thinking about it. I am done with overthinking things – I just want to create.

  2. ‘just get on and do it and see what happens’

    I love LOVE what you create. I am drawn to it.

    I like your thinking for the year too. I have been, what I now realize, procrastinating about finishing four clay cloth dolls because I do not want to be finished with them.

    You are a great inspiration and I am glad you blog too!

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