Mosaic Monday 14/2/11

How these Mondays come around so quickly – for a girl who is just trying to enjoy pottering along in the moment, it makes me a little sad that time passes so quickly – but I am making an even more concerted effort to enjoy small moments….

Speaking of pottering along – that is what our past weekend was mostly about. We had a lovely weekend at home – hanging washing out on the line for the first time this year; switching the TV and computers off and spending many hours playing board games (Mark almost always wins but in my mind it is spending time together that counts….or so I say when trying to lose graciously). We cooked and enjoyed delicious paella; tidied and attempted a spot of spring cleaning; laughed at the bunnies and their obstinate ways (“that shoe or box shouldn’t be there so I am going to move it to here before I lollop off leaving you perplexed”).

I also worked many more hours on my little characters who are shaping up rather nicely. They are very labour intensive but I think that is the kind of work I like best at the moment – carving and carving ever so slowly until the shapes start to form and a little person emerges. I am working on them for an upcoming exhibition and hope to have at least one finished to show you before the week is out….

Above, again a selection of my favourite images from Flickr, so much variety to choose from. Please click the individual links to discover the artists pages and more work…


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