where dreams begin

where dreams begin , originally uploaded by gilfling.

We had a lovely evening board gaming with friends last night – homemade pizza (made by us) and the best treacle tart (made by them) – good company and a great board game.

Today though I am having that Thursday feeling which seems to ba a continuing pattern at the moment – motivated, enthusiastic, brimming with ideas, wanting to settle down to a day of putting my dreams on paper whilst listening to a varied and eclectic playlist. But I am pooped. Physically drained. I am sick of moaning about it. Fed up of this exhaustion being a ‘constant’ in my life at this time. But I have to go with the flow in the knowledge it will get better, it is just a matter of time.

I often wonder about writing about this side of my life here in this space. Whether to keep this blog to just talking about my work and art – but the truth is that everything I do, everything I ‘feel’ is a huge influence on what I am creating on any given day. So it is a part of the whole. I guess I just want to get through a whole week without having at least 3 days (sometimes more) where I am too tired to do much of anything. But I can also see the positive side of these recent times and I am grateful for all that it has brought me. (I do plan on updating my other blog soon….)

When I look at all I have accomplished this month and since January, I realise I have worked more steadily and with more passion than at any time previously. This shift that I have mentioned in my last few blog posts is a revelation to me and I am loving every second of becoming lost in my ideas and my work – I am excited to see where this journey is taking me – not in terms of a destination – but much more in terms of a ‘process’ – a winding path with many interesting things to capture my attention.

I am continuing to work on more original pencil drawings for my shop update tomorrow and am aiming to have at least 4 or 5 new originals available. They are twice the size of my little daily sketches allowing for more texture and detail.

On one hand I am dying to break out all my materials and work on more mixed media pieces – on the other hand I have fallen in love with the good old pencil and the feeling of patiently building up layers of line and tone – sometimes the simplest materials are the most satisfying to work with. There is also the challenge of there not being much room for error – no covering up, no erasing, no reworking and that is something I am enjoying. Perhaps colour will come in next week!

Till tomorrow….. x


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