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…..Janek. My first hand sculpted character. I had intentions of creating much simpler characters first of all in order to play with the materials and find out how they responded – at least that was my intention… Instead I found myself hurling myself headlong into making a jointed character with no real idea of what I was doing – as is often my way. Still the learning is in the trying …right? Kind of reminds me of when I decided to teach myself to work with leather and this was the first thing I made. Tears were shed, I made every mistake in the book and it perhaps took 10 times longer than it should have but I got there in the end. Perfectly imperfect.

Anyway as troublesome as he was in the making, i think I love him. He is delightfully awkward and imperfect – and I love all things imperfect. There will be more to come as soon as I can get them finished and photographed. Yep that is my big failing #2 – my inability to understand the mechanics of time – leaving everything till the last minute.

This morning whilst having a wonky moment, I could not think of a name for him for the life of me! So I had intended on putting it out there for suggestions with a bit of a giveaway – but in a moment he became Janek and I think it perfectly suits him, even though with a bit of research it appears to be a name more often used as a surname.

However if you would like to write a few lines about ‘who’ you think Janek is – what his story might be – I would love to read them!! I will pick my favourite next week (perhaps Wednesday?) and put together a wee gift package to send out to my favourite. If you want to join in then write it here in the comments section!

Janek will soon be heading off to this exhibition…. you can see more photos of Janek – here.


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  2. It can happen in life. As sure as milk spoils if left out too long; sometimes our souls say something different about who we are than who we appear to be to others. Janek had the soul of a river, quick and changing, unpredictable, but to others he seemed simply a smooth stone that had settled deep among the other river stones, gathering moss. The voice within him knew differently and it weighed on him; if you looked closely you could see it in his downturned eyes. You could clearly see it in his shiny red hair. He dyed it on a whim. How could no one notice? How could not one person notice? This sank his heart even a little more. It made his mouth grow smaller. He found himself sitting solid on the ground while his heart leaped around in his chest like a parakeet caged far too long. A thousand visions of who he could be danced in his mind. But how to let them out? How would he show the world who he truly was, inside?

  3. Janek is such a sweet n innocent boy and lonely. He loves trains and talks and talks of them. So much so that the other little boys become quite bored with him. He just can’t imagine why and so he sits and imagines where his tracks will go and who will ride along

  4. Dear Janek….I knew if I searched long enough I would find you….your are waiting for me….just like you said you would….You poor poor man. You look like a boy to others but if they looked close enough they would see beneath the cracks and flaws how old you really are. Yes you really have been waiting for me my dear dear Janek. You’ve turned to stone and weathered but your not lonely, you know I’m near you now. I’m waiting to be turned to stone too so I can sit next to you….and all the little people who will join us and only us, as they know the untold story of…………

  5. Janek dreams of carpenting,
    he’s really rather good.
    He carves himself a hopeful life,
    from blocks of dreaming wood.
    I ask him what he’s thinking,
    he muses for while,
    then leans and whispers happily,
    behind a quiet smile:
    “These sculptures might be awkward,
    but these sculptures, they are mine.
    I sand them down most lovingly,
    with paper made from time.”

  6. Nestled in the dense forest far away from any town, tucked amongst the stones and mossy floors of the woods, Janek makes his home in the base of a hollowed out tree. There, he daydreams and writes poetry…he has a deep heart, and so he thinks deep thoughts. He is a gentle soul, shy and solitary. He gathers his thoughts and writes his poems on the backs of leaves, with a pine needle and tree sap for ink. And then he releases his leaves to the wind, and they’re blown to far off places. Many of them lay undiscovered, tumbled amongst millions of other loose leaves, or raked up by distracted hands. But occasionally, another sensitive soul finds one of his leaves. They read them in silence and wonder, and for just a moment their hearts swell with Janek’s prose. They carefully tuck the leaf away in a special place for safekeeping, as a reminder of their treasured discovery on that unassuming day. And back in the forest, Janek lives on contentedly in his tree, writing his lovely thoughts on his lovely leaves. He shares himself with the world as best as he can, and his heart swells, too.

  7. Janek wandered through the woodland path on a beautiful summer evening. The sky was filled with stars and the fireflies danced beneath the pines, keeping him company on his lonely trek. He was lost again. His mother told him not to wander far from the cottage but Janek could not help himself. He liked going off on his own. He liked the quiet and peace of the forest, with the tall trees reaching for the sky and the little creatures going about their business. It was very noisy in the cottage with all his brothers and sisters and his mother constantly yelling at them for order. She was a good woman, just tired and overworked. So Janek slipped quietly away to think about the universe and the huge world beyond his little world and lost track of time. Now it was dark and he couldn’t remember his way home. What was that? Someone was calling his name. It’s his mother, walking toward him with open arms and tears on her cheeks. Janek was home.


  8. Janek looked bemused then chuckled self-consciously, “Who is the real me?” he asked. I was on my second year interviewing local characters and was now getting used to the evasive manner of some interviewees. I remained silent. Janek cocked his head and his expression was impassive and then hardened. He then seemed to realise where he was and visibly regrouped, “A simple man, with simple goals, the love of a good women, a roof over my head, that is the real Janek. I am very misunderstood.” I didn’t doubt his last statement but thought it prudent to keep that to myself.

  9. Gillian, thank you thank you for your incredible creations. This has completely inspired me this morning. I have unfinished dolls staring at me, wanting to be finished.

    Janek is incredible! I love him.

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