A story unfolding……

What might have been…., originally uploaded by gilfling.

I am having a funny old day today – good, but funny. My brain and hands are itching to be doing so many different things at once that I don’t know which way to turn. I am so aware that currently this blog is so ‘me-centric’ and I am dying to expand my blog posts beyond my own wee world but at the moment my own wee world is where the action is at!

I wrote very briefly the other day about my previous (hopefully long since past) struggles with procrastination and that often fear of failure has stopped me doing so many things with my artwork – many times it has stopped me creating any artwork atall. This year all that has changed and I really feel that this has been a permanent shift in my attitude and my thinking. The events of last year have been the catalyst in my change regarding my artwork. I know now, more than at any time previously that this is what I want to be doing with my life. I have no time to waste. I have something to say.

The images I have been working on recently (every day!!) may only be ten minute (well actually they can take up to half an hour) sketches in my trusty moleskine before bedtime. That time when I am so sleepy and comfortable that I am just allowing my pencil to move across the paper, not ‘planning’, not trying to create masterpieces. But as I look back at these sketches I am seeing how intensely personal they actually are.

 They are my story.

They illustrate my struggles with family, my own melancholy nature, my worries about the future. One of my friends commented last year that she would be interested to see how being diagnoses with breast cancer would influence my artwork….. I think this is that story unfolding.

I had been thinking that perhaps I should be working on larger paper but it feels as if I am creating a kind of journal of my thoughts and dreams and so I shall continue to work in my wee A6 moleskine – already I only have a few pages left and need to order a new one – I think the very first time that I have ever completely finished a whole sketchbook. This little book that is small enough to fit into one hand is becoming so much more than I ever anticipated – a representation of my heart and soul.

However I would like to make some of these images available for those that perhaps see something in them as I do. Therefore in addition to the small drawings in my sketchbook I have begun creating larger original drawings based on some of the imagery. I had planned to work on one a day but that has proved too difficult whilst I am also working on a collection of work for an upcoming exhibition. However I aim to have a few available and listed in my shop by the end of this week.

The first one is called ‘What might have been……’



Mosaic Monday 14/2/11

How these Mondays come around so quickly – for a girl who is just trying to enjoy pottering along in the moment, it makes me a little sad that time passes so quickly – but I am making an even more concerted effort to enjoy small moments….

Speaking of pottering along – that is what our past weekend was mostly about. We had a lovely weekend at home – hanging washing out on the line for the first time this year; switching the TV and computers off and spending many hours playing board games (Mark almost always wins but in my mind it is spending time together that counts….or so I say when trying to lose graciously). We cooked and enjoyed delicious paella; tidied and attempted a spot of spring cleaning; laughed at the bunnies and their obstinate ways (“that shoe or box shouldn’t be there so I am going to move it to here before I lollop off leaving you perplexed”).

I also worked many more hours on my little characters who are shaping up rather nicely. They are very labour intensive but I think that is the kind of work I like best at the moment – carving and carving ever so slowly until the shapes start to form and a little person emerges. I am working on them for an upcoming exhibition and hope to have at least one finished to show you before the week is out….

Above, again a selection of my favourite images from Flickr, so much variety to choose from. Please click the individual links to discover the artists pages and more work…

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday, originally uploaded by gilfling.

A new material for me with some familiar faces appearing. These little chaps are in progress and although the faces and bodies are coming along nicely, their limbs are proving to be a little more challenging. They are based on my recent sketches and although I am trying to let the materials do the work and go with the flow, I also have a picture in my mind’s eye of the characters that are being formed. We shall see how these progress…..

I had been thinking about trying to create some of my characters in clay for a while but had been procrastinating. I was inspired by the work of Cathy Cullis and the new project that she is working on making a tiny clay head a day. Procrastination is banished from my vocabulary and thinking this year (and hopefully all the years to come) – fear of failure is being replaced with the mindset of ‘just get on and do it and see what happens’. I am a lot happier and more creative because of it!

I am having a more restful day today after a busy day yesterday taking work to a gallery and then out to see a theatre comedy performance of Hamlet last night. It had been postponed from Christmas time after the crazy weather so it was lovely to go out last night and be entertained for an evening. Today though I am sitting sculpting, seeking solutions and listening to music. Tomorrow I hope to get back to painting.

Many thanks for visiting this wee space! If anyone has any experience with air-drying clay, I have a couple of questions if you would like to share. Do you use an armature and what do you use? Do you have problems with cracks and are they repairable or is it just best to start afresh? I have been trawling the internet for information of which there is a lot but it is always useful to learn direct from those that have been there.

Also thank you so much if you bought something from my etsy sale. I am so grateful to anyone who see’s something in my work that makes them want to take a piece of it home with them. All orders will be shipped by Friday.

Fragments ……

Fragments Brooch, originally uploaded by gilfling.

It has been an absolutely gorgeous day here today with a blue sky and the sun shining. We took a little trip out to Leicestershire to take my work out to Ferrers Gallery for this exhibition which opens on Saturday. The sun seemed to cast a rosy gold glow over the fields and the leafless leaves were stark against the blue sky.

I finished off three new Fragments Brooches for this exhibition – a birdcage, windmill and sailing ship as well as some characters and dwellings.

Now my thoughts turn to the next exhibition coming up – I am working on some very new beings for this exhibition – I am having a few hiccups with the materials but trial and error will hopefully see me finding some solutions – always an interesting process if a little frustrating. I have a clear picture of what I wish the end result to be but sometimes happy accidents occur and these trials lead to new ideas. We shall see!

Mosaic Monday 7/2/11

Mosaic Monday 7/2/11, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Another selection of inspirational images from my flickr favourites – please click through to the original artists to see more of their work – I hope you will be inspired too.

It has been an interesting weekend – I am playing with new materials – always a challenge, getting to grips with possiblilties and limitations and trying to form shapes that are my own, using my recent sketches as inspiration. More soon when things are a little further along – perhaps work in progress for Wednesday?

I feel behind on a few things due to not feeling too well the last week although I am trying to take each day as it comes – always difficult when I also have to plan ahead for some things. I have been approached for two definite and one potential group shows in the last week. Two for the middle of the year and one for later on – always exciting, always humbling when people find my work and think it would suit an exhibition they are planning – I am so grateful for these opportunites. I also have a few application deadlines approaching so need to get the old pen and paper out.

Speaking of exhibitions – I am taking my work out to Leicestershire tomorrow for the setting up of this show which opens on Saturday. FLAIR is taking place at the lovely Ferrers Gallery which is in a really beautiful setting and will run till 10th April – worth the drive if you are anywhere in the area.  Once that  work is delivered then I shall be able to get back to painting for the rest of the week as well as creating work for another exhibition which opens beginning of March.

One day at a time…… I love my work so very much.

(Just a wee reminder that the sale continues in my etsy shop – 30% discount if you use the coupon code FEB2011 at checkout – continues till end of Tuesday)

studio mess …..

studio mess 😉, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I am afraid I am having another wobbly day today – overtired I guess. But being in my studio is making me happy. I might not be ‘doing’ very much, just pottering and daydreaming, but the mess surrounding me is inspiring. The messier my studio is, the more productive I am…on a good day. You can see more photo’s here, along with old images of my last 2 studios.

Today though is for just being here, catching up on wee bits and pieces and perhaps playing with some sketches……

(a wee reminder of the 30% sale I am having in my etsy shop with FEB2011 as a coupon code)