Ola, originally uploaded by gilfling.

What a day, what a day! Life does not always go to plan, does it?

Mark had a day off today and we were to be driving up to Stafford to take my work to the Out of this World Exhibition – I got up early to photograph the newest pieces before delivering them which seemed like the sensible thing to do. Unfortunately, me and early mornings do not get on that great at the moment and after a few days of working hard on these last pieces I was feeling more than a little wobbly and Ola suffered the tragic consequences. I clumsily knocked her to the floor, damaging one of her ears. (The photograph was taken moments before the ‘incident’) I shall try repairing her tonight and depending on how that goes she will either be off to the exhibition or shall stay on my bookcase, (I would not be too displeased at that as I do love her, even with a wonky ear)

Due to my tears of tiredness and frustration (I was in a proper state) and the fact that we had to be back for a certain time for a hospital appointment it seemed best to not risk the hour-and-a-half journey each way so I made the decision to mail my work instead – minus Ola.

Unfortunately fatigue and self-employment are not the best combination. I love what I do, I just need to be well enough to get on and do it!

In more exciting news however – I have a featured interview in the latest edition of the online UKhandmade magazine. It is truly inspirational to see what can happen when a group of like-minded individuals get together and create magic – this really is a most wonderful read with plenty of interviews, features, tutorials and articles – please hop on over there with a cup of tea and cake and settle down for a good old read – you won’t be disappointed. (my interview is on page 83 – although I expect it will take you a while to peruse the wonderful articles before you get there!)

Incidentally the Ukhandmade Facebook page is also a treasure trove of info – you can find it here.


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