When needs must……..

24 2 11, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I have still been enjoying my daily sketches and although I am rather behind in uploading them I am onto moleskine #2 – it has certainly become a habit that I am committed to and that seems to be sticking.

The other day, though I ran out of 2b leads for my pencil – disaster! I ‘never’ draw with anything harder than a 2b as I usually love to get a great range of tone and contrast into my work. However, determined not to miss a day I ‘compromised’ with HB leads and I am rather liking the result. The first drawing wasn’t so successful as I was still trying to get a large rang of tones and it just didn’t work.  It has forced me to draw in a completely new way (although looking back it is not totally new to me) but I am really loving these more ghostly softer images.

It is also very satisfying to see the collection building up in my flickr set – although what will happen if I live to 90 and am still loading a drawing a day onto flickr!!! Aacht well – I guess I will worry about that when and if the time comes….


4 thoughts on “When needs must……..

  1. hi gillian
    im new to your blog… found you via cathy cullis (i think!!!)
    i love your daily sketches – they are so ethereal and beautiful and i can see them coming alive in your recent clay sculptures… lovely!

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