Janek – A collection of stories ….. 1

I was absolutely overwhelmed at the response to my request for stories inspired by Janek. I wish I had more time to dedicate to writing and it is something that I do wish to pursue in the future alongside my artwork – one inspires the other and I am certainly inspired daily in the blogs that I read.

I thought it was a shame that the stories were only to be seen in my comments section of that post and I really wanted to dedicate some blog posts to the stories that were written – so I hope you don’t mind me indulging myself in a few ‘janek’ based blog posts with the stories attached – I want to add the names and blog links of those that participated too, so for those that did – I hope you don’t mind!

The first was from Kateri – a new online friend who writes the most beautiful blog with wonderful images and words. Kateri’s story for Janek is as follows

“It can happen in life. As sure as milk spoils if left out too long; sometimes our souls say something different about who we are than who we appear to be to others. Janek had the soul of a river, quick and changing, unpredictable, but to others he seemed simply a smooth stone that had settled deep among the other river stones, gathering moss. The voice within him knew differently and it weighed on him; if you looked closely you could see it in his downturned eyes. You could clearly see it in his shiny red hair. He dyed it on a whim. How could no one notice? How could not one person notice? This sank his heart even a little more. It made his mouth grow smaller. He found himself sitting solid on the ground while his heart leaped around in his chest like a parakeet caged far too long. A thousand visions of who he could be danced in his mind. But how to let them out? How would he show the world who he truly was, inside?”

I dream of writing as beautifully as this! Please follow the link to Kateri’s blog to discover her world and also a new project that she is undertaking – exciting!



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