WIP Wednesday…..


A picture heavy post as opposed to the link and word heavy post of yesterday you will be pleased to hear! I am working on 2 paintings at once at the moment and I cannot even describe how good it feels to be painting again. I really feel that the daily sketches that I have been working on have helped so much in developing new ideas and compositions and just getting my hand and my imagination moving and working together. I would higly recommend it as a daily practice. I am excited about this new work and interested to see how it will develop.

Incidentally the colours in the two paintings above remind me so much of the underpaintings in ‘Paint along with Nancy’ – does anyone else remember that TV programme? I was only 2 to 6 years old when it was on TV but remember watching it so vividly and being absolutely entranced and thinking that was what I wanted to do when I grew up!! I could definitely credit Nancy with inspiring me to want to be an artist!

Last of all, after selling the above original in my shop last week I am delighted to now have it as a print after getting it professionally scanned today (although I was sad to find that my usual repro shop is no more so had to hunt to find another place that had a large enough scanner to do it  – such a sad sigh of the times). Anyway I have just printed off the very first copies and I am absolutely delighted with the results – it really does make for a gorgeous print! So now available in 2 sizes – Large and Medium. This is my first new print release for what seems like an age and it is good to have a new selection of work on offer – and hopefully there will be plenty more to come!



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