Janek …. a collection of stories 2

As promised I wanted to share some more stories that were inspired by Janek. I don’t have any links for these people who were kind enough to take the time to write a story but I wanted to share them nonetheless as each one is so precious.

Eileen wrote

“Janek is such a sweet n innocent boy and lonely. He loves trains and talks and talks of them. So much so that the other little boys become quite bored with him. He just can’t imagine why and so he sits and imagines where his tracks will go and who will ride along.”

Tracey wrote

“Dear Janek….I knew if I searched long enough I would find you….your are waiting for me….just like you said you would….You poor poor man. You look like a boy to others but if they looked close enough they would see beneath the cracks and flaws how old you really are. Yes you really have been waiting for me my dear dear Janek. You’ve turned to stone and weathered but your not lonely, you know I’m near you now. I’m waiting to be turned to stone too so I can sit next to you….and all the little people who will join us and only us, as they know the untold story of…………”

and Joe wrote

Janek dreams of carpenting,
he’s really rather good.
He carves himself a hopeful life,
from blocks of dreaming wood.
I ask him what he’s thinking,
he muses for while,
then leans and whispers happily,
behind a quiet smile:
“These sculptures might be awkward,
but these sculptures, they are mine.
I sand them down most lovingly,
with paper made from time.”

I hope you don’t mind me being so indulgent and sharing these – I have just enjoyed reading them so much. There are still more and I shall post those next week.

As ever thank you for reading. x




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