Mosaic Monday 21st March 2011

Mosaic Monday 21st March 2011, originally uploaded by gilfling.

1. the morning after a mad moon, 2. wonderist, 3. silent_moments, 4. New Tumblers, 5. Untitled, 6. clay lidded vessel, 7. brucia, 8. Cradled-Tug, 9. Winding paths. Oil on canvas 90 x 100 cm. 2011, 10. The Wall, 11. Red Connecting Line, 12. 9birds, 13. creamcourt, 14. N92, 15. at my window, 16. pas de deux

I am absolutely in love with every single piece of inspiration in this weeks mosaic (as I am every week of course) – you might be able to tell if you view most weeks that I am drawn to dark and muted colours and lots of texture and atmosphere – all such an inspiration in my own work.

Speaking of which – I am currently preparing for a 2 day contemporary craft fair which I am exhibiting at this coming weekend – my first of this year. I have been sculpting away all weekend and have quite the collection of new characters gathering. I will show progress shots as the week moves along.

Meanwhile please click through to the individual artists pages of the above mosaic to see more – it is like entering another world of wonders.

One thought on “Mosaic Monday 21st March 2011

  1. What an incredible mosaic…I am constantly in awe of the artistic talent on flickr…love it… Now I’m off to look a bit closer! Thank you for sharing..

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