Almost done…

This wee character is almost done – since this photo he has been fully painted, aged and is now waiting his two or three coats of varnish (this always takes an age – letting one coat completely dry before applying the next one…)

I am hoping to have him in my shop tomorrow!

I have been taking things a bit easy this week – it has taken me longer to get over last week and the weekend than I thought it would and I have been working a few hours at my p/t job – easing myself back in gently.

Today was spent filling out applications for events – the cycle of this artistic life – making, documenting, attending events and exhibitions, filling out new applications, awaiting acceptance or knock-back and making again. I would highlight the things I apply for here but don’t like to jinx the outcome – you know?

Tomorrow I take work to my framers and meet a friend for coffee. That of course is a big plus point – flexi hours! Saturday is date day with my husband and Sunday I shall sculpt more characters. I like the to-ing and fro-ing – the rhythm of gently stepping from one task to another, of each day being entirely different.

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