Away with the fairies….

work in progress, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I have been more than a bit absent this week – absent from my blog, absent from day to day life. One reason is that I put my back out (again) on Monday so have been mostly resigned to staying in bed or propped up on the couch inbetween walking from the lounge to the kitchen in a waddling duck like fashion. Not much fun it has to be said!! Although I am sure it must look pretty hilarious if you forget about the pain factor. Although this would have been the perfect opportunity to catch up with on-line things, I haven’t really felt like it.

There are other things too, things whirling around my mind, actually have been for the last couple of weeks – a bit like everything is on hold but I am hoping that tomorrow will sort that out and should see me back to my usual self sharpish! An appointment tomorrow morning means that I will be missing the royal wedding but that too seems to have passed me by in my distracted state. Not very British I know!

So we have another bank holiday weekend and hopefully more of the sunshine that we have been blessed with the last few weeks. So I shall wish you a wonderful weekend and hope to back to blogging properly next week. x

Easter Bunnies

The dudes, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Jeeves and Wooster enjoying the gorgeous weather we are having here in the UK with more to come over this bank holiday weekend. Jeeves seems to have made a great recovery after we almost lost him last weekend and we are so grateful to still see him galloping around the garden and even using my vegetable pots as some kind of private eatery.

Today is about enjoying the garden, baking and relaxing and we are out for the day visiting tomorrow. I wish you a wonderful holiday weekend whatever you are planning. x

Sketching …………..

newstead abbey , originally uploaded by gilfling.

At last I am kind of working my way out of that post-injection mist that leaves me feeling more than a little ‘blah’ each month so I have a few things to catch up on. The sun has been continuously shining the last couple of weeks and with 2 bank holiday weekends in a row to look forward to I am hoping it will keep on going. I prefer it not too sunny as I can’t really sit out in it but it is lovely to be able to potter away in the garden either planting away or reading.

Last week I had a sketching day out with my good friend Sue Bulmer and we decided on a trip to Newstead Abbey. It really is a beautiful place – the former home of the romantic poet Lord Byron. There is so much to see from the details of the architecture to the ruined arch and the acres of gardens.

The day went far too fast as we worked in our sketchbooks and chatted about art and business and put the world to rights. It is so good to be able to bounce ideas around with a fellow creative as they often see things about your business that you perhaps do not see yourself and we always talk up a storm and think up exiting plans. We are hoping to make these sketch days a regular thing time permitting – there is something so refreshing about getting out of the studio and into the fresh air and with the few sketches I made and the large amount of photographs I took I hope to see some of these new ideas creeping into my work soon.

The piece above was created on a board that I had already prepared with lots of layers of texture and hand-writing.

Mosaic Monday 18th April 2011

Happy Monday to you – a bit later today after some computer issues. Another mosaic with a mystery square – please click through to the individual artists to see more of their work.

The end of last week I was feeling a little under the weather with some nasty side effects from my radiotherapy (still) and then my monthy dose of hormones to contend with which always leave me wishing the days away till I feel better.

What a weekend we had though – a lovely day on Saturday out at Ferrers Gallery in Leicestershire picking up my work after the end of the Flair exhibition – a lovely lunch and a browse around all the wonderful little shops in the square. A wonderful way to spend our Saturday together.

We came home to a very sick Jeeves bunny so an out of hours trip to the vet, a worrying night and day but all is now well and he is home. Crikey this having a pet malarky is a worrying business!! But we are so glad he is home – Wooster was lost without him.

This wonderful web….

Today has been a little strange – time running away from me and  plans going awry. I was due to be meeting a friend for coffee and delivering work to the design circus shop across town later this afternoon but that all had to change when I found that I could not get out of our carpark to the rear of our house as the electric gate was stuck!  It was too late to get the tram and bus it would have taken me to get across town so I went for a walk instead – much better for me I am sure.

I am currently following a beginners walking programme as unfortunately one of the side effects of the medication I am on is weight gain and already a very curvy girl it is now time for me to tackle this head on and do something about it! I used to do alot of walking and it really is my favourite form of exercise so I am hoping for good progress.

Recently I have mentioned a few times the various elements I love about my job and it has been good for me to take the extra time to take note and appreciate all that makes me content. Working from home, being my own boss, creating every day that I can, all combine  to make me happy and settled. Another element in this mix is meeting people who understand my work whether I meet them face to face or online.

 I do not see myself as having a talent with words and often find it difficult to put my inspiration into one or two sentences so it is always fascinating to read another persons interpretation. I have very recently met Claire through etsy and blogging and she recently bought the piece above and has very generously blogged about it here.

Tomorrow, weather and car-park-gate permitting I shall be meeting a friend at this local historical place for a few hours of chatting and sketching. It has been far too long since I have sketched outside so I am looking forward to it!


working on….., originally uploaded by gilfling.

Today I had planned to work on some more boy figures such as Jarek and Jacob and sat at my table with a couple of drawings infront me and my clay to hand. However with the weight of the world on my shoulders I was happy to put the music mix on and let go of all my worries and concerns and just allow my hands to do the work.

The ‘planned’ small boy has instead become a girl – larger than any of my previous characters. At the moment I am finding it easy to just become lost in the rhythm of working with the clay. The next couple of weeks I may just need to do that more often than not.

Mosaic Monday 11 April 2011

Mosaic Monday 11 April 2011, originally uploaded by gilfling.

1. untitled, 2. Sail Away Ladies, 3. Roger, 4. Náufrago em cores, 5. dreamers4, 6. Miniature Paper Ring Sculpture., 7. Everyday Objects Tell My Story, 8. A Whisper of Snow (detail 2), 9. *, 10. Wilfilda commissioned artdoll, 11. Mixed-media Calmer, 12. fletcher no.4

Another monday another mosaic and I am really loving this one!

The weather was gorgeous here this weekend and we spent our time at home pottering, tidying the house (as quickly as possible), gardening (at our leisure), playing board games and just enjoying each others company. I love weekends like that.

My minature vegetable garden is coming along nicely and I am trying new-to-me plants after my small beginnings as a gardener last year. I am not being too ambitious, preferring to think that I can build on my plot year upon year as I become more confident and see what works and what doesn’t!

So now onto a new week!! Wishing you a good one. x

Happiness is……..

There are many small joys along the way in creating artwork…various points where it is impossible not to smile at being able to do this for a living. The pinnacle of course is seeing a happy customer walking away delighted with a piece of artwork that they have purchased and the knowledge that they ‘get’ what you are doing – that they see something in your work that resonates with them. One little step before that though is seeing your work beautifully framed and on a wall – your own – even if it is only for a short while.

I am gradually getting work framed in preparation for an Art Market that I am attending in June, although each piece is available in my shop till then. I am lucky enough  be able to take my work to a wonderful frame company and it is always fun to get all the samples and try them out next to my work to see what works best. I think we hit the nail on the head with these original pencil drawings – the warm silver of the frame and the ivory mount just brings out the tones of the pencil and the buttery paper just beautifully.

These pencil drawings are still available unframed but now all come with an ivory mount and I have also decided to add the option of this frame to each listing in my etsy shop (UK customers only I am afraid). I will be adding the option to the listings in my shop today. This decision was also made based on an online conversation I had with a customer about how sad it was that many high street frame shops were closing and that it was often difficult to get quality frames anywhere else. I also want to check out the possibility of adding an optional frame to my print listings but need to check out how much that would cost to mail so hope to do that soon.

This will be the first time that I have really prepared professionally framed artwork for an event such as this (finances and transportability have made me think twice in the past) but as I move forward in developing my work, I am also keen to develop the presentation of it too. When I see these framed up, I know it is the right way to go.

Happiness is also new tools to play with! My husband bought these for me – how considerate of him! Let’s just gloss over the ulterior motive that was born from the fustration of his wife constantly nicking his screwdriver set for various ‘work related tasks’ and then misplacing it in her studio. Now I have my very own set to bury under a pile of ‘work’!

Anyway it is glorious weather out there today and I am hoping it lasts the weekend as I plan to do a bit of gardening and a bit of car-booting!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. x

WIP wednesday

WIP wednesday, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Another wednesday (how do they come around so quickly?) and another work in progress shot. More clay characters as I have a wee waiting list of places where they need to be….my etsy shop, galleries, and a couple of upcoming exhibitions. I ordered a ‘huge’ batch of clay which arrived this morning so I am hoping that they continue to find new homes otherwise my shelves will be fit to bursting!!

Two bits of rather exciting news in that I have been selected to exhibit at Lustre in Nottingham for the second year running. I was over the moon to be selected last year as it is such a high profile show with outstanding quality of exhibitors but as it ended up being half way through my radiotherapy treatment I always felt as if I did not manage to put my ‘all’ into it and was so tired during the event. Even with all that was going on at the time, however, it was still a wonderful show for me so I am extra excited to be given another opportunity and this time I hope to make the most of it!!

The second piece of news is that I have just sent of a huge parcel of prints to a new wonderful new gallery and coffee house that is opening in Missoula, Montana, US – Talc  is being launched by a ‘friend over the sea’ and I wish her all the very best of luck with this new venture. It takes courage to follow your dreams but good things come to those that do!! Someday I hope to visit.

PS I have been selling these postcards at craft fairs for a wee while but have only just gotten around to putting them in my etsy shop – you can find a set of 6 cards here x