Jacob, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Quickly posting this before I run out on a few errands and then meet a friend for coffee. I had so much more I wanted to write this week but time has ran away from me!

This new character is now finished and his name is Jacob. He is very pleased to meet you. He is currently making his (hopefully) temporary home in my etsy shop (and on my writing desk – I am lucky in that I get to enjoy his company for a wee while).

For more photos please see here, for my etsy shop please see here.

I forgot to mention that I am offering ‘lay-away’ on more considered items in my shop so should he be pulling on your heart strings he can be paid for in 2 payments over 2 months and will be mailed when fully paid for. I hate discussing ‘sales’ and ‘money’ here on my blog – it all feels a bit uncomfortable but I also know that there are many things that I would love to buy but the money is not always directly to hand so please forgive me being so direct!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and see you next week! x


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