WIP wednesday

WIP wednesday, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Another wednesday (how do they come around so quickly?) and another work in progress shot. More clay characters as I have a wee waiting list of places where they need to be….my etsy shop, galleries, and a couple of upcoming exhibitions. I ordered a ‘huge’ batch of clay which arrived this morning so I am hoping that they continue to find new homes otherwise my shelves will be fit to bursting!!

Two bits of rather exciting news in that I have been selected to exhibit at Lustre in Nottingham for the second year running. I was over the moon to be selected last year as it is such a high profile show with outstanding quality of exhibitors but as it ended up being half way through my radiotherapy treatment I always felt as if I did not manage to put my ‘all’ into it and was so tired during the event. Even with all that was going on at the time, however, it was still a wonderful show for me so I am extra excited to be given another opportunity and this time I hope to make the most of it!!

The second piece of news is that I have just sent of a huge parcel of prints to a new wonderful new gallery and coffee house that is opening in Missoula, Montana, US – Talc  is being launched by a ‘friend over the sea’ and I wish her all the very best of luck with this new venture. It takes courage to follow your dreams but good things come to those that do!! Someday I hope to visit.

PS I have been selling these postcards at craft fairs for a wee while but have only just gotten around to putting them in my etsy shop – you can find a set of 6 cards here x


2 thoughts on “WIP wednesday

  1. Congratulations on Lustre – I’ll let my sister & BIL know, I’m sure they’ll want to put it on their calendar. The new pieces are looking amazing already. Shaz x

  2. Someday you will visit… and someday I hope to visit you too! Thanks for the sweet mention and kind thoughts… Cannot wait til your box of treasures arrive!


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