working on….., originally uploaded by gilfling.

Today I had planned to work on some more boy figures such as Jarek and Jacob and sat at my table with a couple of drawings infront me and my clay to hand. However with the weight of the world on my shoulders I was happy to put the music mix on and let go of all my worries and concerns and just allow my hands to do the work.

The ‘planned’ small boy has instead become a girl – larger than any of my previous characters. At the moment I am finding it easy to just become lost in the rhythm of working with the clay. The next couple of weeks I may just need to do that more often than not.


3 thoughts on “Drifting…..

  1. great to hear you are working hard, and great to see the results on your blog. Weather for thursday looks good, what time you wanna meet?

  2. glad to hear you’re able to go with the flow of the clay… can’t wait to see what emerges…
    just to remind you ‘crimson petal and the white’ is on tonight BBC2 9pm, assuming you got to watch episode 1…
    i’ve just started the book – beautifully written 🙂

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