Mosaic Monday 18th April 2011

Happy Monday to you – a bit later today after some computer issues. Another mosaic with a mystery square – please click through to the individual artists to see more of their work.

The end of last week I was feeling a little under the weather with some nasty side effects from my radiotherapy (still) and then my monthy dose of hormones to contend with which always leave me wishing the days away till I feel better.

What a weekend we had though – a lovely day on Saturday out at Ferrers Gallery in Leicestershire picking up my work after the end of the Flair exhibition – a lovely lunch and a browse around all the wonderful little shops in the square. A wonderful way to spend our Saturday together.

We came home to a very sick Jeeves bunny so an out of hours trip to the vet, a worrying night and day but all is now well and he is home. Crikey this having a pet malarky is a worrying business!! But we are so glad he is home – Wooster was lost without him.


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