Sketching …………..

newstead abbey , originally uploaded by gilfling.

At last I am kind of working my way out of that post-injection mist that leaves me feeling more than a little ‘blah’ each month so I have a few things to catch up on. The sun has been continuously shining the last couple of weeks and with 2 bank holiday weekends in a row to look forward to I am hoping it will keep on going. I prefer it not too sunny as I can’t really sit out in it but it is lovely to be able to potter away in the garden either planting away or reading.

Last week I had a sketching day out with my good friend Sue Bulmer and we decided on a trip to Newstead Abbey. It really is a beautiful place – the former home of the romantic poet Lord Byron. There is so much to see from the details of the architecture to the ruined arch and the acres of gardens.

The day went far too fast as we worked in our sketchbooks and chatted about art and business and put the world to rights. It is so good to be able to bounce ideas around with a fellow creative as they often see things about your business that you perhaps do not see yourself and we always talk up a storm and think up exiting plans. We are hoping to make these sketch days a regular thing time permitting – there is something so refreshing about getting out of the studio and into the fresh air and with the few sketches I made and the large amount of photographs I took I hope to see some of these new ideas creeping into my work soon.

The piece above was created on a board that I had already prepared with lots of layers of texture and hand-writing.


3 thoughts on “Sketching …………..

  1. Hi, these sketches are beautiful. My name is Lisa and I live in Ontario, Canada. I often feel ‘blah’ as well and wrote on my blog yesterday about how I get inspired. Tea, Music and Paint. If I just get into these three things, they get into me. It’s not always that simple. I’ve gone for months without painting and it can be a real downer. Right now, fortunately I am quite inspired! You have inspired me with these examples of your sketching. I also like to sketch, so if we get a nice sunny day, I may just head down to the park and see what comes out.

    Thanks, Lisa.

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