Away with the fairies….

work in progress, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I have been more than a bit absent this week – absent from my blog, absent from day to day life. One reason is that I put my back out (again) on Monday so have been mostly resigned to staying in bed or propped up on the couch inbetween walking from the lounge to the kitchen in a waddling duck like fashion. Not much fun it has to be said!! Although I am sure it must look pretty hilarious if you forget about the pain factor. Although this would have been the perfect opportunity to catch up with on-line things, I haven’t really felt like it.

There are other things too, things whirling around my mind, actually have been for the last couple of weeks – a bit like everything is on hold but I am hoping that tomorrow will sort that out and should see me back to my usual self sharpish! An appointment tomorrow morning means that I will be missing the royal wedding but that too seems to have passed me by in my distracted state. Not very British I know!

So we have another bank holiday weekend and hopefully more of the sunshine that we have been blessed with the last few weeks. So I shall wish you a wonderful weekend and hope to back to blogging properly next week. x


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