Mosaic Monday 2nd May 2011

Mosaic Monday 2nd May 2011, originally uploaded by gilfling.

1. elodie, 2. candy disco_gilhooly, 3. Girl-With-Pink-Rose 2009, 4. wishes in limbo, 5. fragile wings, 6. giardinetti, 7. Waiting for Dodo – colored pencil, feathers,encaustic, 8. DSC_0058, 9. Back Cover – I’m A Scavenger, 10. musuem of forgotten things 2, 11. “And the world, when you think about it, is not an anchor.”, 12. Pop Femme Sugar Coated Strange dolls

Happy May Day to you! A real quickie this evening as I am now off to bed but please enjoy the wonderful inspiration to be found in the mosaic of flickr favourites above Рa couple of mystery squares so please click through to individual pages to see more.

More from me tomorrow! x


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