works in progress

works in progress , originally uploaded by gilfling.

Making progress, every so slowly. I seem to have been working on these wee figures forever and a day but the sun has been shining (endlessly for weeks…), I have been pottering about in the garden whenever I can and I have been laid up with a crooked back and a hacking cough – both are slowly getting better thank goodness.

We have had two glorious bank holiday weekends here, smack bang in the middle of England and our plans of days out had to be put off for another time due to my back trouble but it was lovely to stay at home and eat lovely food and just chill out, watching movies and playing board games.

Although I had a hospital appointment at exactly the same time as the Royal Wedding Ceremony, I did manage to catch up on some of it afterwards and it was wonderful! So exciting to see so many people coming together to celebrate outside Westminster and Buckingham Palace and the bride and groom looked splendid indeed. It made me think of those huge celebrations of times gone by such as VE day and the Queen’s coronation (both way before my time obviously) but in my post as Reminiscence Worker I do get to hear stories and memories of those days and how proud people felt of their country and their monarchy.

Speaking of my Reminiscence work, after a few months off whilst recovering from my treatment and a few weeks getting back into things slowly I am now back to work 2 days a week and looking forward to new projects and new challenges. I have enjoyed the luxury of having all the time in the world to concentrate on my own work though and hope to keep up the momentum whilst maintaining balance and good health! Life finally feels as if it is getting back to normal.

I do hope to get these characters finished soon! x


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