mosaic monday 16th may 2011

mosaic monday 16th may 2011, originally uploaded by gilfling 

1. 3/4 profile, 2. Untitled, 3. Violet Imaginary Friend!, 4. Pulsive, 5. she always saw beauty, 6. Group, 7. Me termine!, 8. Milagros Obscuros, 9. “Piano Player House”, 10. hey, 11. Is not very critical., 12. loaded

Happy New Week to you! Another eclectic mix of inspiration from my flickr favourites – please click through to individual pages to see more.

As ever I am most disconcerted as to how time flies and this week I have much to do. So hopefully there will be lots of studio time, a wee bit of gardening and lots of ticking of off thing on my ‘to do list’.

My characters are progressing with 3 now finished and more well on the way. i now just need a brighter day to take some photographs.

Wishing you a wonderful creative and busy week! x


One thought on “mosaic monday 16th may 2011

  1. HI Gillian
    I wondered whether you could email me the details of the person you use who has the large scanner. i need a A2 piece scanning and it won’t fit on my tiny scanner

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