Introducing… Milo

Introducing… Milo, originally uploaded by gilfling.

Milo is a melancholy soul. He chases hedgehogs hoping to make new friends but they get scared by his erratic waving arms as he tries to catch up with them! He loves to make complex mazes through the wheat fields and tramples round and around clearing paths through the golden stalks that tower above him.

Hello! Well another studio day beckons and as a result of all these hours I have a collection of characters gradually appearing – Milo being the most recent to come to life.

I made a good old start on my ‘How to prepare for a craft fair document yesterday’ and there is so much to write than I first thought! I do have a tendency to be a bit wordy when writing and as a result I am going to divide it into chapters. The first one dealing with applications and finding the right show for you. I just need to read through it a couple of times, add in a few links and photo’s and should hopefully be able to publish it early next week. There is already so much information around the net on this subject so this is very much just based on my own experiences but I do hope some of you will find it useful to have it all in one place.

In other news Holmfirth Art Market have interviewed me on their blog – you can read it here! There seems to have been a bit of an issue with punctuation (as you will see) but hopefully it is another insight into my working practice.

Have a wonderful day!



3 thoughts on “Introducing… Milo

  1. I think poor Milo looks sad, maybe he should join Wilfred on an adventure out into the clear blue sky.
    I thought of Wilfred just now, there is the most beautiful red hot air balloon , drifting across the trees of Woodthorpe Park. It looks like it has captured Wilfred’s dreams and is taking them off.

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